About Me

About Me

Slow Travel. Remote Work. Food Trip. Cats Around the World :)


Hello World!

I'm Rein!

I started living a life of full time travel in my 30s. I'm a retired HR practitioner and a newbie digital nomad. I quit the corporate world to find healing for stubborn tumors in my neck. I can say I'm a lot better now without the stress. Getting diagnosed with suspicious papillary thyroid cancer in my late 20s made me realize it's time to follow what I want and not what society wants.

I do not write about "30 countries before 30" or "100 countries before 30" like most famous bloggers do. Not saying that's wrong, we all travel differently. I just see it as most people's goal now just to impress other people and pressures them to travel fast. I love to enjoy the moment for as long as I can, as long as my tourist visa would allow it. I prefer

slow travel

than bagging more countries because I don't have a bucket list. I only keep experiences. I also want to get to know a country, its culture and people and that's not possible if you're racing to collect stamps.


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