03 November 2018 / New South Wales

Barangaroo - Watsons Bay - Manly in One Day | Australia

Barangaroo - Watsons Bay - Manly in One Day | Australia

First Stop: Barangaroo

I like the name Barangaroo because it sounds cute like Kangaroo (^_^). There's also a place called Barabaroo look out at the Blue Mountains. Anyway, this area is near Darling Harbor. Actually, I find that most of Sydney's main attractions are within walking distance, just wear comfortable shoes and not high heels.

According to my local friend, Barangaroo is quite a new area. It used to be an abandoned place with nothing in it. It has been renovated and is now bustling with corporate buildings, restaurants, bars and a nice wharf.

I have been here a few times after work and one Friday night so we can try out the best Nespresso Martini at Barangaroo house. It was expensive though because one glass was almost AUD 20 (or was its AUD 25? around that). Maybe they sprinkled gold in it lol But no, it was just the usual price if you go to a bar at a nice area like this.

In fairness, it was really good and you get a nice view of the harbour.

The following day, we set off for the private boat with the Barangaroo – Watsons Bay – Manly route. The public boat would only do one way and this private boat is available on weekends. It was AUD 7 for the trip.

I love the view from the boat ride and because it was a private company boat (not private like exclusive, we were also commuting with other travelers), we got to enjoy the view of the Sydney Opera and the Harbour bridge.

The boat ride was worth it enough for the view alone, even without getting to the destination. The captain was also kind enough to give some information about the place.

Second Stop: Watsons Bay

Our next stop for the day was Watsons Bay which was a small residential coastal area. There's a few restaurant by the port and a short shoreline.

We actually didn't know what to see in here and there was a guy who just asked us if we will go to the lighthouse. This stranger actually gave us an idea! So much for an unplanned trip. We were just drinking last night and decided to go do the Watsons – Manly trip the following day. My friend lives in Manly but has never been to Watsons bay.

It was actually easy from the shore to get to the lighthouse. Google maps was also accurate. We passed by a few nice houses. It doesn't look like a tourist area.

The path to the lighthouse isn't even that obvious but we found it through the maps,.

The views were so nice. We planned to stay for only an hour and a half here but we ended up extending because we wanted to enjoy the view.

From here, you can also get a glimpse of Sydney with the Sydney tower being so inconspicuous.

You will know you're near the lighthouse when you see old war structures like a canon. The structures dates back from 1800's and the Lightkeeper's Cottage dates back to 1858, and looks well-preserved.

We saw a couple who tried to climb the lighthouse but it was already locked.

Here's my mini boat ride video from Barangaroo to Watsons Bay:

Third Stop: Manly Beach

Our plan was to stay longer in Manly but that didn't happen because we really enjoyed the hike in Watsons Bay. We arrived here at 5pm. I'm actually not sure if it was already after sunset or just before. I didn't get to see it and it was getting darker.

We walked around the Corso where you will find a chapel (or church?) and a number of establishments from grocery shops to restaurants.

Once you're at the Corso, you'll easily find your way to the beach,. The crowd was still there and there were a few brave surfers who are on their board in this winter weather. This was in August 2018, by the way.

Of course, the night isn't complete without another Espresso Martini.

Here's my short Manly vlog:

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