Northern Thailand: Pai to Mae Sai Motorbike Loop

I previously wrote about a motorbike day tour that @jpphotography and I did in Pai, Thailand. It was just a warm up for a longer motorbike trip. We did two separate week-long motorbike trips, the second one was the Mae Hong Son loop. I am not sure what to call this first motorbike trip as it isn’t really a usual route. I can call it the Pai to Mae

Pai on a Motorbike: Land Splits, Bamboos and Canyons

I thought Pai in Northern Thailand would be a small place where you can just walk or trek anywhere but I was wrong. There is so much to discover around Pai and even after making it a home-base for 5 weeks, there were still some places we missed to explore. Motorbike for 100 Baht! Once you arrive in Pai, you would see endless lines of motorbikes for

Your Practical Guide Around Banaue Rice Terraces

I am not a local of Banaue but I stayed there for almost a month that I learned a lot of useful information that I’d like to share to my readers. This place is popular for the Banaue rice terraces, however, it seems most travelers just do a stop over at the rice terraces viewpoint and then head over to other more popular places like Sagada. Poblac

MOMA 101: Learning About “NgaNga” (Betel Nut) from a Young Ifugao

If you have been to Ifugao or other places in the Cordilleras, you may have seen signs that say “No Spitting of Moma”. Some visitors would have no idea what a moma is, and why in the world would you spit your mom?…errrr uhmm… to be clear, we’re talking about a different moma here. Despite the signs not to spit moma, you would see reddish canals ar

The Amphitheater View of Batad Rice Terraces: A Beginner's Trek to Awa View Deck

I am no mountaineer nor have any warm up prior my trip to Batad. My only preparation was a morning run around Banaue, a day hike to Tappiyah waterfalls and a solo walk to Batad village with four guide dogs. I was hesitant until the last minute because it rained the night before and in the early morning. I heard that the trails that can be very slip

Meet the Guide Dogs of Batad Rice Terraces

I went to Tappiyah falls the day before with a local guide. Surprisingly, one of the dogs named Blackie from Ramon’s Homestay joined us. Despite 2 guides – a human and a dog, I was scared to death walking through the narrow pilapil (ricefield dikes). I did survive that and you can read through my post about Tappiyah falls here. I wanted to go to th

Barangaroo - Watsons Bay - Manly in One Day | Australia

First Stop: Barangaroo I like the name Barangaroo because it sounds cute like Kangaroo (^_^). There's also a place called Barabaroo look out at the Blue Mountains. Anyway, this area is near Darling Harbor. Actually, I find that most of Sydney's main attractions are within walking distance, just wear comfortable shoes and not high heels. According