October 2019

The Amphitheater View of Batad Rice Terraces: A Beginner's Trek to Awa View Deck

I am no mountaineer nor have any warm up prior my trip to Batad. My only preparation was a morning run around Banaue, a day hike to Tappiyah waterfalls and a solo walk to Batad village with four guide dogs. I was hesitant until the last minute because it rained the night before and in the early morning. I heard that the trails that can be very slip

Meet the Guide Dogs of Batad Rice Terraces

I went to Tappiyah falls the day before with a local guide. Surprisingly, one of the dogs named Blackie from Ramon’s Homestay joined us. Despite 2 guides – a human and a dog, I was scared to death walking through the narrow pilapil (ricefield dikes). I did survive that and you can read through my post about Tappiyah falls here. I wanted to go to th

Batad Vlog: Rice Terraces & Tappiya Waterfalls Dog Guide

Rambo, one of the dogs at Ramon's homestay in Batad, has been featured in the Philippines' Department of Tourism video for his exceptional tour guiding skill as a dog. The other dogs there like Blackie have followed his "pawsteps". Blackie, I assume an aspin (asong Pinoy/local dog}, surprised me and my guide and she joined us in our trek to Top

Tappiya Waterfalls, Batad: A Dog Guide and a Mermaid Myth

Batad is a remote village in Banaue, Ifugao province in the Philippines. It is known for its UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces which were built by hand over 2000 years ago. There are other rice terraces in the Cordilleras but I chose to stay for a week in this area for a more traditional Ifugao experience. There is no network coverage, the best p

Port Barton Vlog 3: Walk with Me Around Town

Pardon my husky voice in this video. I've been island partying since I got to El Nido then Port Barton so there, I lost my voice. In this video, I did a morning walk just around Port Barton's main island and town. It's on the touristy area where you will find accommodation and restaurants. The residential area isn't too far so you would encounter

Port Barton Vlog 2: Literally Walking Between 2 Islands!

In my previous Port Barton video, we went snorkeling and checked out a few islands, even saw a turtle! In this video, I joined a different island hopping tour. This is classified as Tour B although some islands are different from the posted ones as the tour operators aren't that strict yet, they accommodate if their passengers request a different