October 8, 2019 / Palawan

Port Barton Vlog 3: Walk with Me Around Town

Port Barton Vlog 3: Walk with Me Around Town


Pardon my husky voice in this video. I've been island partying since I got to El Nido then Port Barton so there, I lost my voice. In this video, I did a morning walk just around Port Barton's main island and town. It's on the touristy area where you will find accommodation and restaurants. The residential area isn't too far so you would encounter locals along the way.

Dirt Roads, Local Life & Tourism

This is a fairly undeveloped island so you can still see what life in rural areas in the Philippines look like. There's just one concrete road at the moment along the church and business establishments.

You will also find a few "sari-sari store" which is a mini grocery. Small towns would have this, it's like the village's non-24 hour convenience store so you don't have to go far to the public market.

There are 3 restaurants I showed here: Mabuti Eat & Chill, Ayette's Bamboo House and Jambalaya Cajun Cafe. All had good food, although I find prices expensive for a remote province. It seems prices are benchmarked due to the number of foreign visitors so locals will really find this a bit steep.

Beach Bumming

I took this in the morning so there are tourists waiting for the island hopping boats to sail. If you are interested in island hopping, you can just easily show up here no later than 8am to ensure you get a slot, but there will be likely a vacancy for walk ins.

I didn't join an island hopping tour that day as I was too tired towards the end of my Port Barton trip. I decided to just lounge by Port Barton's main beach. I wanted to see the waterfalls but didn't have the energy to hike.

This is my last Port Barton vlog but I have one more prepared which is just a GoPro Hyperlapse of walking along the shoreline and waiting on the sunset. I have scheduled to upload that video tomorrow.

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