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iHerb Review: Is it Legit? Answering Common Questions

iHerb Review: Is it Legit? Answering Common Questions

Hey, Healthy Buddies! 🌱🎉

In this blog, I've gathered frequently asked questions about iHerb. Whether you're familiar with iHerb or new to it, this guide aims to provide clarity on what the platform offers and how you can make the most of your wellness shopping experience. You can check out this Table of Contents to jump to your question.

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What is iHerb? 

iHerb is a online store that brings all kinds of health and wellness goodies right to your door. The e-commerce platform sells curated brands and they also have their own line of products. Think of vitamins, organic snacks, beauty, personal care items and so much more.

Is iHerb Legit? 

Yes, yes, yes! iHerb is a legitimate business and it has been around since 1996 which means that they have been in business for over 25 years. They also ship great products to people in over 180 countries. You can also find millions of reviews about the products in their website. Reviews can only be made by customers who purchased the item so you can't fake it.

Why Are iHerb Prices Cheaper?

They work directly with brands and offers lots of products, which means they can keep prices low and friendly for us without losing out on quality.

They are also an online store so they do not have to pay for building and renting a physical store and sales staff. This alone gives them a lot of allowance for their regular promos and discounts such as using my promo code ANC1090 so you can get additional discounts

iHerb Review. Is iHerb legit?
iHerb Review. Is iHerb legit?

How Quick is iHerb Delivery? 

The online platform ships worldwide, and while delivery times can change depending on where you are, they always aim to get your wellness goodies to you super fast! Their main fulfillment hub is in California, USA but they also have warehouses in South Korea and Hong Kong especially for deliveries to Singapore or Japan.

For example, a delivery to Manila, Philippines only took as fast as 5 days via DHL. This will also depend on the courier of choice as Postal option in the Philippines can take longer.

How Do You Track Your Order?

Depending on the courier, you are automatically given a tracking number and you also receive email updates.

How Much is iHerb Shipping Fees? 🚢

The shipping fee can vary depending on where you are, but they always aim to keep it affordable so your wellness goodies can reach you without breaking the bank!

I found a trick that decreases shipping fee the more you get iHerb brands. You do not need to buy all iHerb brands, of course, but just adding a few iHerb brands such as California Gold Nutritions does the trick. There is a filter for iHerb brands if you want to check that out.

Where is iHerb Located? 

iHerb calls sunny California, USA, its home. They also have warehouses in South Korea and Hong Kong but products here are still fulfilled from California. 

Who is the Founder of iHerb? 

iHerb was started by Ray Faraee in 1996 and is all about offering top-notch products and the best value to health lovers all over the world.

What Products Can I Find at iHerb? 

The online company has a giant range of health and wellness products like supplements, snacks, beauty items, and eco-friendly home stuff. It’s like having a world of wellness at your fingertips!

Best of all, most are more affordable than buying from physical stores which I have explained at the beginning of this blog. They also have regular promos plus you can add ANC1090 promo code to get additional discounts.

Here are just a few product categories:

Health Supplements

Life Extension, NOW Foods, California Gold Nutrition brands and more
Life Extension, NOW Foods, California Gold Nutrition brands and more

You can find trusted health supplement and vitamin brands such as Life Extension, NOW Foods, California Good Nutrition, 21st Century, Nature's Way, Thorne, Doctor's Best and more of the brands that you trust,

I have personally tried Life Extension Mutivitamins and California Gold Nutrition Lactobif Probiotics and these are the products that are always in my cart.

Bath and Personal Care

Sierra Bees, Mild By Nature, Beauty of Joseon, Arm & Hammer among others.
Sierra Bees, Mild By Nature, Beauty of Joseon, Arm & Hammer among others.

You don't really need to drive to your drugstore or supermarket because you can even get your lip balm or deodorant here. They have everything from your bath and shower needs to aromatherapy essential oils for your home. 

Best of all, they carry several well-known natural and organic brands such as Avalon Organics and Himalaya. They even carry popular brands from Korea such as cult-favorite Beauty of Joseon.

If you love natural products for your skin then you will enjoy scrolling through their Bath & Personal Care section. Or if you're a mom, you will be happy to find several products that are safe for your baby's sensitive skin.

Herbs and Homeopathy

Natural and herbal products such as Ashwagandha, Maca, Berberine in capsules
Natural and herbal products such as Ashwagandha, Maca, Berberine in capsules

They have a wide array of herbal, ayurvedic and homeopathic products from known brands such as Nature's Way, Organic India, NOW Foods and more.

Baby and Kids

Nature’s Way Alive! Kids, Aveeno, ChildLife Essentials, Nordic Naturals among others
Nature's Way Alive! Kids, Aveeno, ChildLife Essentials, Nordic Naturals among others

Parents will be pleased to know that the e-commerce platform has something for your babies and kids, from multivitamins to skincare products for your baby's sensitive skin.

The above categories are just a few that I can mention on this blog. The list goes on. You can find groceries and even products for your pets!

I personally bought different kinds of health supplements that were recommended by my integrative doctor, probiotics, as well as beauty products like collagen supplements. I also bought skin care products, cosmetics, organic snacks and so much more.

Always consult your doctor before buying these products, my blog is not medical advice.

How to Save Money when Shopping in iHerb?

Use my promo code ANC1090 and enjoy a lovely discount on your iHerb buys!

Plus, leave a review on products you’ve bought, and earn $1 per review. Easy savings, right?

What are iHerb Alternatives? 

While iHerb is fantastic, it’s always good to have options! Some alternatives include Vitacost, Swanson Vitamins, and LuckyVitamin. Each has its own perks, so feel free to explore and see what works best for you!

Personally, I recommend iHerb as I have used their products since I learned about them in 2018. I can vouch all products I used are of high quality and authentic.

My Personal Experience

I am writing about it because I have been an iHerb customer for years. I learned about iHerb when I was treating thyroid tumors with alternative medicine which means I have to change my lifestyle, diet and switch to more natural and organic products. Due to my health, I will only use authentic products I found those in their platform.

I also have a thorough review on iHerb when I was ordering it to the Philippines. If they can send to the Philippines within 5 days, then I'm sure that they can also be reliable to send it to other countries.

Wrapping It Up... 🎁

iHerb is more than a store; it’s where wellness, quality, and savings meet! So, whether you’re a wellness expert or just starting, They makes it simple and affordable. Happy shopping and happy saving, dear friends! 🌟🛒

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