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iHerb Philippines Review 2021 (Updated): Tips to Buy Health Products for a Cheaper Price

iHerb Philippines Review 2021 (Updated): Tips to Buy Health Products for a Cheaper Price

Most imported products in the Philippines are very expensive due to customs taxes, and of course, the business who brought it to the country has to profit from it too.

Natural and organic supplements are particularly pricey. My previous go-to shops were Healthy Options and online shops in Shopee or Lazada, however, prices here are too high.

I found a way to buy authentic natural supplements at their original price (without the import taxes and additional charges) through iHerb.

What is iHerb

iHerb is an online company based in the US that sells a variety of health products and natural supplements. 

They deliver worldwide to 150+ countries, including the Philippines.

Are the products authentic?


Trust me, I have been buying health products as I’m into natural medicine.

I’m treating tumors suspicious of papillary thyroid cancer so I have tried these products myself. I will not recommend something fake, I have used products I bought from iHerb for my own natural treatment.

Not all are for my thyroid, some are for beauty like collagen and skin serums.

Price Comparison

I have done a few unboxing and price comparisons in YouTube which you will see below.

Why is it cheaper to buy from iHerb than Philippines stores?

The local online shops or even physical shops have to pay import taxes and have to earn from their services so it’s a lot more expensive.

If you as an individual buy through iHerb, your purchases are tagged as personal use, therefore, not subject to customs taxes.

But to give you a few sample comparisons here, you’d see how much you will save from buying directly through iHerb versus from a local online shop in the Philippines.

Collagen for healthier skin, hair and bones. P242 savings and even more when iHerb goes on sale!
Probiotics for a good tummy. P435 savings

Tip: Lactobif is an iHerb brand. I noticed that my shipping fee decreases a lot when I add this product. It's also a good brand and the probiotic capsule is sealed and refrigeration during transport isn't necessary for these live good bacteria.

Vitamin C Serum used by Catriona Gray in one of her make up vlogs. P617
Total savings in one of my actual purchases

Even if you pay between P100 to P500 in shipping, you still save thousands in the product prices as seen in the table above.

Do you pay customs taxes?

Before you check out, iHerb has a disclaimer that your purchase might be subject for customs taxes.

They do not have the final say on this because it’s the Philippines Customs who will decide whether you have to pay taxes.

Generally speaking, your purchases are not subject to customs taxes if they are tagged for personal use which most iHerb products are and if they are below P10,000. 

Most of my purchases were below 7,000 pesos and they were all free of customs taxes.

However, if your purchases look like you’re going to re-sell them then you may have to pay customs taxes.

I haven’t experienced this but heard some people buy 10 pieces of the same item, anyone can suspect that it’s not for personal use so be careful when doing this. Just buy supplements for personal consumption.

Delivery time and fee

In my experience, I always received my iHerb package after 5 days. The longest delivery time was about 9 days but it was due to the lockdown restrictions at the time.

They have different mailing options but the cheapest and fastest one is always DHL.

In my videos, I showed that I only paid around 99 pesos to 200 pesos depending on the item I bought.

They calculate the shipping fee based on the weight of your item and they also have shipping savers.

Track your shipping within your iHerb account

How to Pay Low Shipping Fee?

If you bought items that are tagged as shipping saver then you pay less in shipping fee. I do not know how exactly they calculate the fees but I always pay a low amount whenever I choose Shipping Saver items.

It is easier to filter the Shipping Saver on desktop than on mobile as not all of the shipping saver has that tag.

Look for this Shipping Saver tag OR filter the Shipping Saver and/ or iHerb Brands

Update as of 2021, I recently noticed that I could not find their filter for Shipping Savers in some products. In that case, look for iHerb Brands. I still get a huge cut on shipping fee when I add iHerb brands.

In my observation, shipping fee decreases when I add an iHerb Brand.

iHerb Brand includes California Gold Nutrition, Lake Avenue Nutrition, HealthyBIOM, etc. You can filter iHerb brands such as shown in this image below.

Filtering is easier in desktop than their mobile app

Here's my money saving strategy:

My technique is I buy all the brands that I want and combine these with shipping savers and iHerb brands. I have tried a few iHerb brand products from California Gold Nutrition such as collagen and probiotics and these are just as potent as the more popular brands.

Even if you add the shipping fee, you still save a lot through buying in iHerb. I have brought products from them a number of times and I always got authentic products and they always shipped on time.

I never paid customs taxes because I only bought what I need.

Get More Discounts using this Promo Code

If you’re interested in buying, use my Promo Code or click on the link below.

If you purchase through my referral link both you and I will get rewards. You get 10% discount if it’s your first purchase, and 5% discount if this is not the first time you’re buying from iHerb. That's a total of 15% on your first purchase aside from the regular item sales that iHerb has.

Use the code ANC1090 or click on the link below:


Affiliate Disclosure: When you use my code, you will get a discount and I will get a small commission in that as well. If you find my reviews and tips useful, please consider using my rewards code. This helps me maintain my site and provide helpful content.

Unboxing Videos

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

I have also set up a Facebook page for my iHerb experience where I can give you an update of what I've been buying.


Recent Videos

Here are my most recent iHerb Haul video. It usually takes 5 days for the package to get from the US to the Philippines. It now took them 9 days which is understandable because of the situation the world is in now.

In my recent iHerb Haul, I received it within 5 days and only paid 99 pesos for the shipping.

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