What to Do When Caught in a Lockdown as a Tourist? Stranded in India

Back in March 2020, we were caught in India’s unpredictable total lockdown. My boyfriend and I arrived in India from Laos on the first week of February thinking we’ve avoided the new virus back then that was slowly spreading in China and Thailand. Everything was normal throughout India until news that a foreign couple got infected in March. Then th

Random: Heal Documentary

HEAL is an interesting Netflix documentary that talks about energy medicine. Popular authors and scientists were in the show, the like of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has great meditation guides. Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission, studied over 1500 remission cases worldwide. From her study, she found 9 factors that all these cancer survivors have

Coronavirus Situation in Udaipur, India: Is my Asian appearance a Disadvantage in Hotel Bookings?

DISCLAIMER: With a country of more than a billion people, this post is not a generalization of India. This is just based on my experience while traveling in Rajasthan amid news of confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases of travelers who visited Udaipur. I’m Filipino and I could easily look like an East Asian. In Southeast Asia, people think I’m a

Mae Hong Son, North Thailand: Top 10 Things to Do

We reached Mae Hong Son, capital of Mae Hong Son province, on the 4th day of our Mae Hong Son loop motorbike tour and decided to stay here fo 3 days. Here you will find signs that says 1864. That is not the altitude or a year, it’s the number of curves you have to go through to get here. I previously uploaded a video on this but I will further o

“Elephant Spirit Crushing”: Why You Shouldn’t Ride an Elephant and Elephant Nature Park’s Solution in Thailand

image source: performing elephant I have seen it several times, [Facebook] friends posting their travel photos from Thailand, merrily riding an elephant. As instagram-worthy one might think it is, there’s a great sacrifice for these creatures to be able to submit to this kind of labor. The world seems still unaware of the cruelty behind this. I re

iHerb Philippines Review 2021 (Updated): Tips to Buy Health Products for a Cheaper Price

Most imported products in the Philippines are very expensive due to customs taxes, and of course, the business who brought it to the country has to profit from it too. Natural and organic supplements are particularly pricey. My previous go-to shops were Healthy Options and online shops in Shopee or Lazada, however, prices here are too high. I found