18 July 2020 / Manila

Random: Heal Documentary

Random: Heal Documentary

HEAL is an interesting Netflix documentary that talks about energy medicine. Popular authors and scientists were in the show, the like of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has great meditation guides.

Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission, studied over 1500 remission cases worldwide. From her study, she found 9 factors that all these cancer survivors have in common:

1. Radically changing your diet

2. Taking control of your life

3. Following your intuition

4. Using herbs and supplements

5. Increasing positive emotions

6. Releasing suppressed emotions

7. Embracing social support

8. Deepening your spiritual connection

9. Have a strong reason for living.

All resonate with me because I have chosen the natural path and energy medicine to heal tumors suspicious of papillary thyroid cancer. My doctors said that I should have a thyroidectomy within 5 years but 7 years in I'm still doing great, without surgery and radiation. Two of the tumors have shrunk significantly although there's still one stubborn tumor.In my search for healing, I realized that the mind is the most powerful factor along with food, etc. I had the best organic whole food plant based diet while I was working but my job and city lifestyle stressed me out.

The perfect diet wasn't working perfectly but there were some improvements. So I left that job and although I could no longer buy the expensive healthy diet (thanks to health trends), I focused more on the free stuff like meditation, wim hof breathing exercise, etc. I was happy traveling and living at the minimum cost I can. It's not a perfect journey.

I got stressed out again after getting bullied during my repatriation (by a few fellow repats/civilians). I still haven't mastered my emotions so now I'm dealing with alopecia after this stressful event. It struck me how powerful our mind is. It can destroy us but it can also restore us.

This is not my usual travel blog as I wanna practice expressing myself to an audience because I'm learning more about the throat chakra, and it's where I have a blockage. I have a blog where I write for people I don't know but writing to an audience who knows me like you and who can judge me is more liberating (from fear of being judged). PS. This is not medical advice.It's my personal choice with previous guidance from integrative doctors and naturopathic practitioners.



This pandemic has been stressful. If you want to learn more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), check out this program:

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