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Batad Vlog: Rice Terraces & Tappiya Waterfalls Dog Guide

Batad Vlog: Rice Terraces & Tappiya Waterfalls Dog Guide

Rambo, one of the dogs at Ramon's homestay in Batad, has been featured in the Philippines' Department of Tourism video for his exceptional tour guiding skill as a dog. The other dogs there like Blackie have followed his "pawsteps".

Blackie, I assume an aspin (asong Pinoy/local dog}, surprised me and my guide and she joined us in our trek to Top View and Tappiya Waterfalls.

Note that we didn't even call her, dogs here are not forced to guide visitors at Ramon's homestay. They would voluntarily join when they want to.

Blackie was always ahead of us and she seems to know that we were heading to Tappiya Waterfalls. She would wait on us and would also rest whenever we have a stop over to take photos and also rest.

The waters are so cold but I still submerged myself in the water. You get used to it after some time.

Note that there is no rubbish service here, so take your trash with you.

Going back, you have the option to pass by the village but I did that on another day so we went on an easier trail.
On our way back, we found an Ifugao man selling organic rice. These are a bit expensive because they do not use any machineries and they only have enough supply for their household consumption. I bought 2 bags as pasalubong for my friends.

We arrived at Ramon's homestay and Batad View inn after lunch, we started just before 8am. Blackie was so tired that day but she still joined me on my walk the following day which I will post about soon.

I only used my smartphone in this video with Osmo Mobile 2. My GoPro died the day before I went to Batad!

For a detailed story, check out the blog here.

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