25 September 2019 / Palawan

Port Barton Vlog Part 1: Island Hopping Itinerary & a Day at White Beach

Port Barton Vlog Part 1: Island Hopping Itinerary & a Day at White Beach

I’m still new in travel vlogging so this time I tried to do a voice over. In my previous video about El Nido, I only included a few captions but I felt that I wasn’t able to tell a story through that. Please let me know if this is better than a captioned vlog. I am also thinking whether it is more effective to show my face when story telling, what do you think? Although I’m a bit shy to do that, I can dare myself to actually be in front of the camera for a travel vlog next time.

Anyway, this vlog is about a small fishing village in Palawan called Port Barton that is now gaining popularity. The previous blogs I checked noted that island hopping costs half the price of El Nido island hopping but it has now almost doubled! Some said it was due to the tourist demand and also the increase in gas prices. This is expensive for especially for locals so I wish tourist destinations in the Philippines would have a local rate so that Filipinos can enjoy their home country.

It was worth it though and we went to a a couple of islands and snorkeling areas. I think the underwater is better than the touristy El Nido. We didn’t see a lot of fish in this areas though, but we found one pawikan/ turtle! You can skip to 3:33 if you only want to see the majestic pawikan 😊 I ended the video with a hyperlapse of a private island called White Beach where we stayed for a full day.

The islands were so beautiful with crystal clear waters. I thought I have seen the best islands in this tour but wait til my next vlog because I will show better islands in that video (at least in my opinion).

If you’re more into blogs than vlogs, you can also read about my Port Barton write up here.


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