Amazing Sunrise at Jal Mahal "Water Palace"

Amazing Sunrise at Jal Mahal "Water Palace" in Rajasthan, India. Jal Mahal is a palace in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. There is no entrance fee and has one of the best sunrise view near Jaipur with so many birds singing. It's a good starting point if you plan to see other sites in Jaipur such as the Amer Fort. This video was taken on February 2020

Jaipur's Tourist Attractions on a Budget | Pink Stepwell, Albert Hall & White Marble Temple

Time Stamp 0:00 Pink Stepwell (FREE) 1:05 Albert Hall (Not free but included in the Composite Ticket) 2:44 Birla Mandir Temple/ White Marble Temple (FREE but be mindful of the religious ceremonies. It is not a tourist place. Outside the temple is a good place to watch the sunset and hear the Hindu prayers) Royalty Free Music from Bensound https:/

Inside Jantar Mantar in 3 Minutes! India's Astronomical Wonder

Inside Jantar Mantar in Jaipur, Rajasthan | India's Astronomical Wonder It houses the largest sundial in the world. This video takes you inside Jantar Mantar, plus entrance fees and open hours. This video was taken on February 2020 before the lockdown. Royalty Free Music from Bensound

VLOG: Street Food at Pahar Ganj, New Delhi & Inside a Sleeper Bus from Old Delhi to Jaipur

Street Food at Pahar Ganj, New Delhi & Inside a Sleeper Bus from Old Delhi to Jaipur | India Travel Pahar Ganj was our first destination when we arrived in India. It's located in Delhi and is popular for its busy market. Walking on the streets of Pahar Ganj is an experience of traffic sounds and smell from the street food, as well as the crazin

VLOG: Inside Hawa Mahal "The Palace of Winds" | Pink City Jaipur | India Travel

Inside Hawa Mahal "The Palace of Winds" | Pink City Jaipur | India Travel

What to Do When Caught in a Lockdown as a Tourist? Stranded in India

Back in March 2020, we were caught in India’s unpredictable total lockdown. My boyfriend and I arrived in India from Laos on the first week of February thinking we’ve avoided the new virus back then that was slowly spreading in China and Thailand. Everything was normal throughout India until news that a foreign couple got infected in March. Then th

TravelFeed 3.0 Presentation to Stranded Travelers in Delhi, India

Friday, April 17, 2020 4 min read

#StrandedInIndia India’s Prime Minister announced the lockdown extension until the 3rd of May. A lot of my fellow travelers here felt really bad which is understandable as there is no way to get out of India except for rescue flights by embassies. I have been in this hostel since the 25th of March and I have not really actively shared about TravelF

Filipinos Stuck in India due to Lockdown gets little to no response from the PH Embassy

Friday, March 27, 2020 5 min read

I'm stuck in India and I met another Filipina traveler who was asking help at a Filipino Traveler's community in social media to get the Philippine embassy's attention. Instead of getting support, she was bashed and was told that she deserves to be in this situation. Let me clarify that a lot of us stuck here are long term travelers. She has been i

Coronavirus Situation in India: Stranded in Udaipur as a Foreigner

Monday, March 23, 2020 9 min read

Janta Curfew Yesterday, I was awoken by the sound of the birds and some pigeons banging our window. It isn’t a typical morning when my alarm would be the sound rickshaws and motorbikes. The 22nd of March was Janta Curfew day or Voluntary Lockdown in India. The curfew has already started here in Udaipur the day before. It wasn’t new to us as we hav

Coronavirus Situation in Udaipur, India: Is my Asian appearance a Disadvantage in Hotel Bookings?

DISCLAIMER: With a country of more than a billion people, this post is not a generalization of India. This is just based on my experience while traveling in Rajasthan amid news of confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases of travelers who visited Udaipur. I’m Filipino and I could easily look like an East Asian. In Southeast Asia, people think I’m a

New Delhi Travel Scam: Why I almost wanted to leave India

Scam: Delhi is shutdown due to the election We took the a flight from Bangkok and arrived at the Delhi International Airport. From there, it was a breeze to take the metro to New Delhi and it only costs Rs. 50 for the ride. As soon as we got out of the airport, it was a struggle getting a ride to our guesthouse. Only auto rickshaws and rickshaws