June 5, 2021 / India

Stranded Filipino Repatriation from India to Philippines Part 1 of 2 | Delhi to Cochin | May 2020

We were stranded in India last year after several months of traveling. India has one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and there wasn't a warning. They only advised of a day of experimental curfew and they suddenly went on lockdown canceling all flights.

No flights were allowed except those arranged by embassies. We were only a few Filipino tourists in India so it was not possible to get a chartered flight to the Philippines.

The lockdown started in March and luckily and we got repatriated in May. Luckily, the Philippine military ship with the help of the Philippine embassy made it their mission to repatriate us.

But the port is 2,700km south of India. There were no public transport or flights. The embassy arranged a coaster for us to get the port where the military ship is waiting for us.

It took 3 days of non-stop travel because the country was on total lockdown and hotels were closed. Our only stop overs were meal breaks and toilet breaks at parking lots or petrol stations.

It was an adventure which doesn't end there. It took another 40 days for us to reach the Philippines via the military ship due to emergencies and a supercyclone. That's for another video.

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