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Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines: What to Expect in Tour A? Vlog

Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines: What to Expect in Tour A? Vlog


This is what the day looks like when you join an El Nido Island Hopping (in Palawan, Philippines). We did the tour A which includes the following places:

  • 7 Commando Beach

We arrived here at around 9:30 am and swam a bit here but waves were too strong and it was very windy.

The first time I went here, we had our lunch in this beach so tour order may differ. But I recall that the waters were really calm that time so it must just be the weather that day. In any case, the sun was up so after an hour we proceed to our next destination.

  • Big Lagoon

All boats are parked away from the lagoon so you have to swim your way to the entrance. Once inside the lagoon, everyone is required to wear a life vest. The water was still inside and you can also rent a kayak but for me the best experience was swimming inside this lagoon while enjoying the views of the limestone rocks enclosing it

  • Hidden Lagoon

I am not sure if this is the same as the Secret beach. Anyway, this was our lunch spot so we explored the hidden lagoon and the beach while our tour guide and boatmen were preparing our food.

The hidden lagoon is a lot smaller and the water is shallow. The entrance going to it is also small so you have to wait while each person enters or leaves the lagoon. We stayed there for a few minutes to enjoy the view of the limestone rock formation surrounding it.

After that we went back and were surprised by a sumptuous and beautifully presented lunch, with a great view!

  • a snorkeling area (I didn't get the name)

We stopped over in the middle of the sea to snorkel. Sadly, most corals are dead and it was really far from the life I've seen around 5 yeara ago.

  • Shimizu island

This was our last stop and we just swam and relaxed here. We were also greeted by a couple of monitor lizards! I find them scary but they don't really mind us watching them.

There are other island hopping tours if you would like to see other islands in El Nido.

I also blogged about my recent experience in El Nido Palawan in this link -

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