26 August 2020 / Metro Manila

Trusting the Unknown and Reaping Rewards

Trusting the Unknown and Reaping Rewards

I didn't realize that it's been a year since I left my corporate job. I call this my freedom anniversary


Don't get me wrong, I loved that job but I just tend to thrive outside the 9-5 structure.

Quitting a career that I had for a decade was a struggle at first because I thought it defined me. It also took me years to get to that decision because financial stability was important to me. One year later, and without a "stable job", I feel more abundant and limitless (except for COVID19 limitations, of course). I don't know exactly how but I just have all I need without having to spend much.

Trust in the unknown and the universe will reward you.

I now know and experience this to be true. I didn't really have plans except when I needed a plane ticket or when my tourist visa was about to expire. I had the best experiences when I let go of control.

Although my digital nomad journey was temporarily halted because of COVID19, it gave me more time to create, and even learn skills I never thought I'd even understand like coding.

It was frustrating not to be on the road and to be far away from my partner, for sure, but I was given time and opportunity for healing and just a lot of space to know and love myself. I know a lot of people lost their jobs and I don't mean to be insensitive - that I'm happy not to have a traditional job. I just want to share that, and if you will just be open, the blessings will come and it doesn't have to be in a form a of full time job. It can be a project, freelance work, passive income, free food!... abundance takes different forms... if you just TRUST.

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