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Non-OFW Return Procedure at NAIA & List of Quarantine Hotels 2021| My Experience From DE to PH

Thursday, March 04, 2021 14 min read

My time is up in Germany! I visited my partner for three months under the Unmarried Couple Visa - a new visa category which was deemed essential for binational couples to reunite. The visa still follows the 180/90 Schengen rule and I can only reapply for a visa in my home country so I had to go home. The Philippines is one of the strictest in terms

Avoid Getting Offloaded 2020 | Tips to Pass Philippine Immigration During the Pandemic

 This blog is an updated guide based on my recent experience with Philippine Immigration. Non-essential travel was allowed late October 2020 but Philippine Immigration remains very strict. Sadly, I still see several stories of people getting offloaded by our Immigration Officers. I have a separate post on tips on passing the Philippine Immigration

Trusting the Unknown and Reaping Rewards

I didn't realize that it's been a year since I left my corporate job. I call this my freedom anniversary Don't get me wrong, I loved that job but I just tend to thrive outside the 9-5 structure. Quitting a career that I had for a decade was a struggle at first because I thought it defined me. It also took me years to get to that decision because

ShopBack Philippines Review 2020: How to Earn Money While Shopping Online?

Earning money while shopping might sound to good to be true but there are actually legit platforms that allow you to do it. Even your favorite mall would give you reward points for shopping which you can use for your next purchase. But what's even better are those that allow you withdraw the reward as cash like ShopBack. What is ShopBack Cashback?

Random: Heal Documentary

HEAL is an interesting Netflix documentary that talks about energy medicine. Popular authors and scientists were in the show, the like of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has great meditation guides. Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission, studied over 1500 remission cases worldwide. From her study, she found 9 factors that all these cancer survivors have

Tips to Avoid Getting Offloaded by Philippine Immigration (For Solo Female Travelers)

Friday, January 31, 2020 10 min read

The Philippine Immigration is infamous for offloading Filipino passengers for various reasons. I can't really blame them, however, they have offloaded legit travelers for trying to prevent illegal activities. First of all, some Filipinos have been notorious in traveling to look for work illegally abroad. Second, human trafficking is still prevalent

How I Got a Multiple Entry US B1/B2 Visa: Tips for Filipinos and Interview Questions

A lot of people has been asking me how I got a multiple entry tourist visa to the US. For someone like me with no strong ties to the Philippines, I was worried I'd get denied. To my surprise, I got a multiple entry visa valid for 10 years!I travel a lot and have no intentions to overstay in any country. I want a clean passport record but these we

Healing Crystals for Travel at 5th Dimension Crystal Shop

I recently quit my corporate job to travel long term and pursue life as a digital nomad. Previously, I only traveled a few weeks at a time, whenever my work would allow it. With this being a full time job, I now think more about safety both physically and financially. Not that I never contemplated about this before, but there is more risk now since

How to Re-Schedule a Confirmed DFA Passport Appointment

Changes in your schedule happens and there may be a more urgent task over your confirmed DFA appointment. A confirmed DFA appointment also means you have already paid for the passport processing fee. The good news is you can re-schedule it at no extra cost. If you haven't booked a schedule, check out my guide in booking a DFA appointment. Below is

How to Renew Your Philippine Passport & How Long to Get One|2019 Step-by-step Guide

I was so excited to renew my Philippine passport because the new passport is now valid for 10 years, from the previous 5 years! The DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) booking system is also user friendly but I have written here a step by step guide that I hope you find helpful. This first part is all about booking an appointment until payment, I

Birthday Blues: It's not always a Happy Birthday and it's Okay

Tuesday, July 03, 2018 3 min read

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. “Celebrate” is an inaccurate term because I didn't really do anything that day. Just a week ago, I was searching for flights. I was thinking of going to a remote island here in the Philippines. I thought I wanted to go to the still unexplored San Vicente, Palawan. I always travel during my birthday (or som

Food Trip: Affordable Pinoy Street Food at a Makati City Park

Monday, March 26, 2018 5 min read

I’ve been living in Makati, one of the business districts in Metro Manila, for years. It’s my most convenient choice because of work and to avoid the unbearable traffic. It’s the center of almost anything, it’s near all shops and businesses. However, there’s one thing missing – Pinoy Street Food. There are Filipino restaurants at the Central Busine