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Outbound Travel Requirements for Filipino Non-OFW during the Pandemic May 2021

Outbound Travel Requirements for Filipino Non-OFW during the Pandemic May 2021

Traveling Internationally as a Filipino Non-OFW? Make sure you prepare these.

✔️Requirement Checklist

✔️BOI (Bureau of Immigration) Declaration Form to be signed by airline staff

✔️Travel Medical Insurance with COVID19 Coverage

For affordable insurance, I recommend either SafetyWing for most countries or Provisit-Visum by Dr-Walter for Germany bound travelers.

✔️RT PCR negative test

This depends on your lay over & destination requirements, check on time validity as well. For instance, Germany requires a test valid within 48 hours

✔️ Lay over & Destination requirements

This would vary, eg. my lay over (Qatar) requires to sign a Qatar Passenger Consent form.

While my destination (Germany) requires a digital registration (for home quarantine), RT PCR test (hard copy needed) and a valid visa for allowed purposes since tourist visa is still not allowed entry (eg. Unmarried Couple visa/ reunification is considered essential travel in Germany). Some countries also require hotel quarantine so make sure to book this if required.

✔️Lastly, be prepared to honestly and confidently answer Immigration’s questions

Note: Old travel requirements (pre-pandemic) still apply such as a return ticket and passport valid for at least 6 months. Bureau of Immigration lists it here.

🔗BOI Declaration Form 

🔗SafetyWing Travel Medical Insurance with COVID19 Coverage for most countries ($40 for 4 weeks) 

🔗Provisit Visum Travel Medical Insurance with COVID19 Coverage accepted by German embassy & Schengen (EUR 1.10 per day) 

🔗RT PCR Test for express results (6 to 12 hours for Php5k)  The Lord’s Grace Medical Clinic 

Questions asked by Philippine Immigration

❓ What's the purpose of your travel?

❓ Is this your first time in [country of destination]?

❓ What's the status of your partner (citizenship)?

❓ When will you come back? Asks for return ticket

❓Can I see your travel medical insurance?

Immigration Officer will also ask for the signed BOI declaration form so make sure you have this prepared together with your passport and departure form.

Last year, I traveled for the same unmarried partner reunification purpose. These were the questions asked:

❓ What's the purpose of your travel?

❓ How did you meet your partner?

❓ Do you plan to marry? -

I was honest and said not yet, and the PH Immigration was okay with this answer. Better be honest than stammer and give out signs you're lying.

For other possible interview questions and tips in answering Philippine Immigration, check out this blog ⤵️

Questions asked by German Immigration

❓ What's the purpose of your travel?

❓ Can I see photos of you together?

Last year, German Immigration did not ask any questions but it seems that they scrutinize visitors now.

The lady ahead of me was asked several questions for more than 30 minutes and she even had to call a relative to which the Immigration Officer spoke with.

For Unmarried Couples...

Bring all requirements you submitted to the embassy for your visa application. It's best to be overprepared as Immigration Officers are much stricter now than in regular times.

Need a Place to Stay Before Leaving the Country?

I decided to stay for a couple of nights at Airport Hostel which is near NAIA terminal 3.

I won't normally do this during regular times (pre-pandemic), but it allowed me more flexibility in taking care of some last-minute requirements such as the RT PCR test.

Airport Hostel is also a few minutes away (by car) to the Lord's Grace Medical Clinic where I took my RT PCR test the day before my flight.

The place looks new or newly renovated. It is also NOT a quarantine hotel which is great because you don't want to expose yourself with other people in quarantine before leaving the country.

Their airconditioned room is Php1,500 but I got a discount through Agoda and only paid a bit over Php1k per night.

Click here to get a discount at Airport Hostel.

Prefer listening or watching instead? Check out my vlog:


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