28 December 2020 / Germany

Germany Visa Application Cover Letter Template

Germany Visa Application Cover Letter Template


Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

25/F Tower II, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Ave

1200 Makati City, Metro Manila

Subject: Visit Visa Application for Unmarried Couple

Dear Madam/ Sir,

1st paragraph: Introduce yourself (provide full name as written in passport), purpose of letter, name of partner, requested number of days with dates, address in Germany

2nd paragraph: Brief background of your relationship, how you met, why you need to see each other again

3rd paragraph: Sponsor’s name, work and address (In my case, my partner’s mom is sponsoring me so I have a separate paragraph for this. Include this in the previous paragraph if your partner is also sponsoring you so your letter is more concise.)

4th paragraph: Your credentials (eg. job, salary, Philippines investments, education if relevant/ recent, volunteer work, anything that would increase your credibility as an applicant)

5th paragraph: Other circumstances such as explanation why you do not have an Income Tax return yet

6th paragraph: Strong reasons why they should approve your visa (eg. travel history), strong ties if any (This is the most important and should be a convincing paragraph so I placed this in the end – law of recency in Psychology)

Please find the following documents according to the visit visa for unmarried couple checklist. I also included additional documents to support this letter.

  • Passport (copy and original)
  • Visa Application Form, duly dated and signed with attached 2 passport-size photos
  • Invitation Letter
  • Flight Details
  • Formal Obligation (original & copy)
  • 6 months Bank Statement & Certificate
  • Credit Card Statement 6 months
  • Travel Insurance
  • etc. <list all documents in order>

I trust that you will find everything in order. I appreciate your time and I’m looking forward to a favorable outcome. For questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.


<sign here>

<Full Name>

<Passport Number>

<Mobile Number>

<Email Address>

The above is a supplement to my post on tips on getting a Schengen Visa for First Time Applicants. Click here for the full post.

 I work as a content writer and proof reader. You can contact me if you need a proof reading and editing service. I also have a background in Business Psychology, hence, I applied some Psychology principles in my letter. Contact me through my Facebook page or Instagram if you would like to avail of my service. However, note that my service does not guarantee your visa success, no one can guarantee that (if someone tells you that they can guarantee your success by writing a letter for you, that's a scam!). I do not have expertise in visa letters, I am only offering a proof reading and editing service.

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