VLOG: Street Food at Pahar Ganj, New Delhi & Inside a Sleeper Bus from Old Delhi to Jaipur

Street Food at Pahar Ganj, New Delhi & Inside a Sleeper Bus from Old Delhi to Jaipur | India Travel Pahar Ganj was our first destination when we arrived in India. It's located in Delhi and is popular for its busy market. Walking on the streets of Pahar Ganj is an experience of traffic sounds and smell from the street food, as well as the crazin

SafetyWing Review: Why it’s the Best International Travel Medical Insurance for Filipinos

We, Filipinos, have a weak passport, we can get offloaded when an immigration officer decides to. We have local banks that charges exorbitant fees for international transactions. I can put up with these during my travels but I can’t risk leaving the country without an insurance. Before I started my long term and indefinite trip, I thoroughly resear

VLOG: Inside Hawa Mahal "The Palace of Winds" | Pink City Jaipur | India Travel

Inside Hawa Mahal "The Palace of Winds" | Pink City Jaipur | India Travel

TransferWise: Why Filipino Travelers and OFWs should open a borderless account and not get ripped off by our local banks

Tuesday, August 04, 2020 10 min read

Sending money abroad, remittance and even withdrawing money using our Philippine local bank costs a lot! Thankfully, revolutionary FinTech companies like TransferWise is changing the game. This gives us, Filipinos, easy access to USD, EUR and other major currencies, The Problem with Philippine Banks Filipinos may need to open a foreign currency acc

Coronavirus Situation in India: Stranded in Udaipur as a Foreigner

Monday, March 23, 2020 9 min read

Janta Curfew Yesterday, I was awoken by the sound of the birds and some pigeons banging our window. It isn’t a typical morning when my alarm would be the sound rickshaws and motorbikes. The 22nd of March was Janta Curfew day or Voluntary Lockdown in India. The curfew has already started here in Udaipur the day before. It wasn’t new to us as we hav

Northern Thailand: Pai to Mae Sai Motorbike Loop

I previously wrote about a motorbike day tour that @jpphotography and I did in Pai, Thailand. It was just a warm up for a longer motorbike trip. We did two separate week-long motorbike trips, the second one was the Mae Hong Son loop. I am not sure what to call this first motorbike trip as it isn’t really a usual route. I can call it the Pai to Mae

Laos Border Crossing, Transportation and Budget Guide

After Thailand, we decided to head over to a more laidback country - Laos. We stayed there for a month and took the most economical transportation options and we also hitchhiked quite a lot. I have compiled some useful information we experienced and gathered throughout the way. This is a practical and DIY guide to transportation going in from Chian

Pai Walking Street 10 Baht Food Challenge

One of the best things I enjoyed in Thailand are their night markets. However, it can sometimes be too touristy and so prices tend to be higher than the local street food. While in Chiang Mai, we avoided the night market and found less popular and affordable street food. We thought of doing the same in Pai, all farangs gather in the Pai Walking str

Celebrating a Quiet New Year in Pakbeng, Laos

Just dropping by to greet everyone a happy new decade! I also want to share my New Year’s Eve experience in Pakbeng, Laos. It’s not a place you travel to for a New Year’s countdown, Luang Prabang would have a bigger event that would cater to tourists. We intended to get to Luang Prabang for the celebration as we wanted to see fireworks, however, we

Batad Rice Terraces: Why you should pay for a Local Guide

Note: I did not intend to post this here as this is my letter to the Banaue mayor. However, I made some mistakes today which resulted to a duplicate post of House of Ekolife. So as not to make my blog look worse, I will just re-publish this blog here. I stayed for a week in Batad to rest and just be away from any distractions. There is no network